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Learn the steps to stand out in an interview!

I’m excited to feature an article from Mark Efinger. Mark Efinger has 25 years of experience teaching public speaking and is Founder and President of the Interview Skills Coaching Academy after working on both sides of the interview desk for over 40 years.

This June, Mr. Efinger will be visiting Southern California and will provide students with an exclusive group interview workshop on June 27th and then students can practice their newly attained skills in a mock-interview with admission counselors on June 28th at our annual Kick Start to College Application Workshop. Summertime is the ideal time for high school students to think about interview prep. Mark Efinger shares some of his tips on how to stand out in a college admissions interview. 

I hope you enjoy his insights!

–Jennifer MacLure, Founder and Director

The full article, referenced above, appears in four short blog installments on the Interview Skill Coaching Academy website. Scroll down through the blog entries until you find “Developing Your Personal Story – Part 1.” The other three parts each appear directly above Part 1. The website can be found at Mark Efinger is the Founder and President of the Interview Skill Coaching Academy, where he has successfully coached students for interviews gaining access to many top universities, colleges, and secondary schools.

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