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Jen’s Guide to College Admissions Live Course

Are you approaching high school graduation?

Are you beginning to research college options?

With all of the education choices available, picking the right college for yourself can appear quite overwhelming. Searching for a perfect match demands extensive research regarding various characteristics of each potential school, as well as a good amount of self-reflection to consider your own values, desires, and goals.

Once a specific college is chosen, the next required steps are application and financing. Successfully accomplishing both of these objectives requires resources, focus, and patience.

To simplify this challenging procedure, Jennifer MacLure has created a comprehensive online live course to determine exactly the right college for you, then guide you through enrollment.

Jennifer and her team have toured countless universities and are currently visiting around 20 schools per year to strengthen their knowledge of available offerings.

Resources, tips, and steps have been structured to make your transition to higher education as simple as possible. Live personal sessions are included, looking closely at your unique individual needs. Online tools are provided to organize the entire process.


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