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Determining “The Best Fit” College


Step 1:

Take the college match quiz. Unigo is a site for college-bound students to help them narrow down their search. It will help you find colleges based on your interests and requirements, and provide a school summary, net cost, ranking, and even student reviews. The questionnaire will take into consideration: a) The type of college (i.e. 4-year, 2-year) b) The size of the school c) The region (Far West or Mid-Atlantic? NOTE: you can pick multiple regions) d) Your intended major(s) e) Your learning style (Do you still do school assignments if you find them boring? Do you like extra credit? Do you tend to procrastinate? How important is understanding new material or double checking your work?) f) Adaptability (How you might address challenges in school)

Step 2:

Now you have a list! We still recommend you narrow it down to about six to eight colleges. Group them as either a target school, a stretch school or a safety school. Some factors to help you narrow your search: a) Check out college websites from your list; ask friends, family and teachers for ideas and thoughts based on your interests. b) Think about your prospective major. If it is niche, it may be easier to select your schools. If it’s competitive, you may want to consider applying to a greater number of schools. Not sure of your major? Think about your favorite subjects, and if you’d like to take classes in different subjects or focus on one subject. c) When it comes to location, consider how close to home do you want to be. Would you like to visit family on weekends or just go home for breaks? Do you want to try something new and live out of state? d) When thinking about the size of the school, take into consideration the campus life. Do the students at the school you’re interested in live on or off campus? Do they live in dorms all four years or just the first year? Are sports, activism, or diversity important to you? Do you prefer learning in small groups or listening to lectures? How much interaction do you want with your professors? e) And lastly, the cost: are you eligible for scholarships or financial aid? If so you could apply to a school slightly out of your budget.

For a more cohesive analysis when selecting your ideal college matches, exploring college majors, assisting with college applications and financial aid, reach out to My Pathway to College.

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