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Class of 2015: Fire and Ice Party

Getting accepted into college is a huge milestone, as we all know. For the entire duration of high school, our students are not only learning new subjects, but discovering and exploring their interests both inside and outside the classroom while studying for college prep exams. My Pathway to College recognizes the hard work our students put in every year to prepare for their future, which is why we have a celebration of sorts — with ice cream, pizza, and a bonfire (for roasted marshmallows!) — to recognize their achievements.

We call our celebration the “Fire and Ice Party.” Our class of 2015 (now incoming college freshman students!) not only bonded over their accomplishments and talked about plans for the fall, but were able to chat with two past students of ours who came just to speak about college life and answer any questions. Because peer-to-peer advice is the best advice.

Check out a few images from the festivities below.

Overall, It was a fun evening where we celebrated the students’ acceptances and helped them look forward to the next steps. So, congratulations to the 2015 college freshman. You all deserve it!



Fire&Ice Pic2015


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